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Blueberry Jam Without Sugar 200 g. FITNESS LINE I would eat it myself

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You know, there is such an interesting story about how the word "bluetooth" appeared. One king was very fond of eating blueberries and because of this, his teeth were always blue. For this, he received the nickname "blutooth". And he lived just in those parts where they invented this method of data transmission.


Well, that's what we wanted to talk about, but about the fact that blueberries are not only tasty, that you can eat them all day, but also healthy. Its peculiar sweet and sour taste will appeal to many.


Our blueberry jam does not contain sugar, great for those who follow not only the figure, but also visual acuity.


What is useful?


Due to its rich composition, blueberries have a positive effect on all body systems. Including for the nervous system - protects the body from the negative effects of stress, strengthening the nervous system.

Eating blueberries will help improve motor functions, coordination and memory, which deteriorate with age. In addition, the antiseptic, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties of blueberries help the body fight viruses.


Berries reduce blood sugar, increase gastric acidity, improve digestion, metabolism, enhance visual acuity, improving the blood supply to the retina.


The main wealth of blueberries is antioxidants. As you know, they bind free electrons and thereby prevent the formation of malignant tumors, affecting the body at the cellular level. Thus, blueberries are a good tool for the prevention of cancer. Blueberry antioxidants are called anthocyanins.


It has long been known that blueberries significantly improve vision at dusk, increase visual acuity, provide an increase in the field of vision and reduce eye fatigue. Blueberries are especially useful for people who, by the nature of their activities, have to strain their eyesight. Blueberries have been proven to speed up retinal renewal and improve blood circulation.


During World War II, British pilots ate blueberries and blueberry jam to improve vision at night and in twilight. Blueberries are on the astronauts' menu.

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    Blueberry Jam Without Sugar 200 g. FITNESS LINE I would eat it myself
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