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Kedrocoffee Decaf Latte / 150 gr / doypack / Sibereko

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Decaf cedar coffee latte is a novelty in the line of cedar drinks from the Sibereko company.

The new drink has a bright coffee aroma and a delicate creamy taste.

Taste qualities and a new format for cedar drinks

If we talk about the taste of the drink itself, it resembles a traditional latte. The only difference is that the taste is more delicate, creamy and at the same time light, due to the absence of animal fats in the composition.

Sibereco specialists took into account the fact that among buyers there is a request for a completely edible sediment from cedar drinks. Cedrocoffee latte decaf, when brewed, has a natural sediment that can be eaten.

Try our new drink, from the very Heart of Siberia! Now with coffee flavor.

What is the use of Cedrocoffee latte decaf and who is it suitable for?

The main feature of Cedrocoffee latte decaf is that we were able to endow the drink with a rich coffee aroma and taste without caffeine use!


Our product is great for you if you limit or for some reason cannot afford caffeine, sugar or lactose.

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This drink was created to bring pleasure and give benefits without harm to health.

The benefits of the drink are based on two circumstances:

1. Absence of harmful substances in the composition

2. The presence of B vitamins.


What is decaf?

Decaffeinated coffee, or decaf, is, in fact, ordinary coffee that has undergone special processing , the purpose of which was to remove caffeine. Today there is no technology in the world that would 100% remove all caffeine from coffee, so the minimum amount of the substance is still present, which is about 0.1%. The decaffeination process does not affect the taste and aroma of the finished product.

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    Kedrocoffee Decaf Latte / 150 gr / doypack / Sibereko
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